Frequently Asked Questions
for Reaching Out to International Students

From what countries do these students come?

From every nation on earth! India, China, Korea, Taiwan, and Japan send the most students. (View the Top Sending Countries for international students).

Where are these students going?

New York, Los Angeles, Houston, Chicago, Philadelphia, all over the United States!

What do international students want?

International students are relationship-oriented and desire to be with others like them. Just like the rest of us, they are looking for security, acceptance, love, self-respect, empathy and support.

They all share a common desire for deep and lasting friendships. There are as many ways to initiate relationships with internationals as there are nationalities. Here are a few suggestions for your campus ministry as you consider this important program:

How do I begin?

Pray for the Spirit's leading and for receptive attitudes.

Contact the foreign student advisor on campus several weeks before the term begins and individually or as a group; offer to help with the orientation program.

Welcome internationals when they arrive at the beginning of a semester. Meet them at the airport, bus or train terminal.

Staff a campus information and outreach table where internationals can sign up for various relational activities like conversation partners and recreational and cultural events organized by your group

Offer your services to the ESL school to serve as a conversation partner with internationals.

What can I expect?

Prepare for a long-term commitment of growing friendship and understanding of cultures. You life will be blessed!

Need help?

Contact ISM, Inc. and help is on the way!