ISM Fever by Karl Lenser

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International Student Ministry, a Recognized Service Organization within the Missouri Synod, has been a tremendous blessing to me and to Peace Lutheran Church, Conway, Ark. I have been involved in international student ministry for the last six years. Initially, my family became friends with several Japanese students who attended a worship service and luncheon.
This initial meeting sparked an interest in me to help and love these students who were so far from home and did not know about Jesus. What started out as a simple luncheon conversation eventually led to hiking excursions, tennis, swimming, house parties, driving lessons, resume assistance, grocery shopping and more. During the past six years, we have had a total of 40 Japanese students and parents in our home. Thank you, Holy Spirit, for igniting the ISM spark within me and my family!
What has been wonderful is that several others in our congregation have caught the ISM fever and have been similarly blessed by working with international students. Our little 125+ member church has impacted the lives of students from Japan, China, Saudi Arabia, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Tanzania, India, Finland, Vietnam, etc.
But how and when did ISM become part of my life and ministry? I will confess that I never knew about ISM until Mark Tooley, our Director of Family Life Ministry and vicar, suggested that I attend the 2012 Equipping Conference that was held in Kansas City. This meeting was a HUGE blessing to me and our ministry at Peace!
I met so many wonderful and knowledgeable people who have the same passion for this ministry as I do. I was like a sponge during the conference and absorbed as much information as possible. I was “ablaze” with all of the information and networking that I accrued.
I discovered how awesome the ISM website is and the amount of resources available. The information I have garnered from the site alone has helped me with our ministry in Conway. Please use the website to grow your ministry! A few minutes of your time and a few mouse clicks can make a huge difference in your efforts to draw internationals to the cross of Jesus.
Please click on www RIGHT NOW and bookmark it! A great tool is only great if you use it!
May God bless your international student ministry!

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