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From ISM Director Bob Dickhudt

I shared with students about "Habitat" at one of our Thursday gatherings in June. Pictures from last year's work got such great reaction and interest. They had never heard of such a thing; people getting together and volunteering a day to help someone they don't know be able to get their very own house!

How wonderfully it tied in with so much we've shared with them from the Bible relative to that big little word, "LOVE"! They've read John 3:16 many times; "God so loved THE WORLD....." which includes ALL people........and also, "we love, because He first loved us....", and more.

They've sometimes wondered, even marveled out loud, at the "ISM Family" we have at Wayne State; red, yellow, black, white....young, old, older...even a few folks who "wander in" off the street! It's a loving "family"!

At the Thrivent-Habitat site the July group of five from China joined about 30 other folks to begin the process of putting a home on a flat slab! They learned which end of the hammer to use and went home tired, but thrilled to have met a future home owner, have had a part in putting the house frame in place and experiencing love in action.

How thrilled I was when I mentioned another work-day was available for us in September and eight other students wanted to share the experience about which they had heard! This group got to work on the inside of the nearly finished home, painting the drywalls of the 4 bedrooms, kitchen, bath and living room.

We get to give ISM-ers lots of experiences and expose them to so many aspects of our American life, our Christian faith and God’s Word for our lives. How wonderful it is to lead them to experience "love in action"......the fun we have as children of a loving God! Praise the Lord for the wonderful students and scholars He continues to send our way!

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