To begin with, I never thought I would one day be baptized as a Christian.
It was in 2002, when I was at the University of California in Santa Barbara. My roommate, Charlie, was working towards a master’s degree in the Mechanics Department. His professor, Steve, organized a Bible study group. I attended almost every time to read the book of Luke. I do not remember getting any real understanding of the Bible, but it served only as English language learning. Basically, I repeated the readings to get the correct pronunciation and tenses. I don’t even know in which church we were meeting. I rode in Steve’s huge van every time to get there and back. Steve always said: “We never knew why we bought such a big van. Now we know!” Yes, now I know, too.
My office mate, Rogerio, was a Catholic. I often joked with him with questions like, “Can God create a stone which He cannot lift up?” Rogerio seriously answered, ”Yes, He can if He wants.” Then, I laughed and said, “Then He cannot lift it up!” Normally, Rogerio and I worked together happily. One day I had an argument with him and I won the argument. But I felt terribly bitter and wanted to repent of my actions. This incident struck me because it caused me to see how great a Christian loves others with patience. Rogerio has always been one of the best friends. But he never knew why he won me over. It was not his strong skill of teaching and smartness, but his humbleness, love and patience.
Over the next several years, I experienced happiness and sadness. There were many Christians along the way. My family and I attended a Chinese church’s Bible meetings regularly and learned a lot. People are full of love and grace. Two families helped us very much. We always believed they are the role models for all families: wealthy, healthy and happy. My wife even expressed our admiration during one gathering, but it turned out to be a big surprise. One friend told us, “We live a broken life. The role model is only Jesus, not us.” Everyone lives a broken life no matter how perfect others may think. Jesus is the only Way, the Truth and the Life.
After my family moved to Austin, I was introduced to King of Kings Lutheran Church, Round Rock, and attended Bible class and worship. If circumstances that caused me deep sorrow had not occurred, I would never have gotten so close to Pastor Richard, Elmer, Marcia, Judy and Trilby. Although the Bible is learned in the class, it would never become the principle of my life. But God had His plan for this sinner.
I came to know Jesus and  I seriously carried this belief in my life. I feel blessed with my lovely wife and two sons. Although there is always something not good happening, my feeling and dealings are different now. During my job search and interview, I was extremely confident and positive. It was not because of how smart I believed I was. It was only because I know God is leading my family to where He plans.
May God’s will be done, not my will be done. So then I knew it was time to be baptized and confess my faith, repent of my sins and be born into a new life in Jesus. So, on December 22, 2013, I was baptized by Pastor Richard Mittwede into the family of God at King of Kings Lutheran Church.