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Bible Studies

The Basics of Christian Beliefs by Karen Bjornstad

The author created twenty lessons that cover basic Christian beliefs. The material includes a student and leader's guide for each lesson. The material may be printed at local ISM sites at no cost. The material is copyrighted by ISM, Inc. and should not be sold. All of the lessons are available in pdf format.

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Follower of Jesus

The following Bible study is designed to teach what it means to be a follower of Jesus. The questions you might want to ask as you read the following Bible passages are: Do I understand what it means to be a follower of Jesus? Do I want to be a follower of Jesus? Am I a follower of Jesus? Do I believe what these Bible passages say?

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Good News in a Bad News World

Many international students ask, "How do I become a follower of Jesus?" This study takes you step-by-step in becoming a Christian.

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The Study of Acts

As a follower of Jesus you will want to grow in your ability to live in a lifestyle that pleases Jesus. Reading the Bible and studying it is the best way to grow in this process. A good place to start this process is by reading the book of Acts.

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Leading a Bible Study

This resource offers a complete list of basic guidelines for beginning a Bible study among international students.

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Getting Started

Finding and Meeting International Students

There are as many ways to initiate relationships with internationals as there are nationalities. This article offers suggestions for your campus ministry or congregation.

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ISM Committee Guidelines

To increase awareness of international student ministry in a community, local congregations can form an ISM Committee. This committee would be the link between the local international student ministry site and the members of a specific congregation. This resource provides a sample of committee guidelines.

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International Student Information Form

This form was created as a resource for directors and teachers to gather helpful information about international students who participate in ISM programs.

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Guide to the First Meeting

This is a practical guide for the first meeting between an international student and dirctor or volunteer. The first meeting need not be so formal, but this guide will help clear up potential misunderstandings. The goal is for all present to get to know one another and how to relate to one another.

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Things to Know on Your Campus

A brief summary of important information that should be known about a college campus when working among international students.

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Volunteer Helps

Conversation Starters

A helpful resource to begin meaningful conversations with international students.

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Developing Friendships

As your friendship develops with an international student, you will find this article helpful and full of excellent suggestions.

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Ministry among International Children

International children are the best in the world. They also need opportunities to learn English and to hear about Jesus as Savior. This article gives in-depth instructions for beginning and operating a ministry among international children.

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Outreach Activities

There's something special about doing things together as a community. Jesus said our love for one another would be the true sign of His presence. Here are some activities that some campus ministries have tried which have been successful.

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Weekly Gathering Ideas

What some new and fresh ideas, use this article as a resource for planning your next weekly meeting with international students.

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